A Thrift & A Prayer

Welcome to My Blog "A Thrift & A Prayer" which all started on my IG Pag (My Stylish Thrifty Life, which is also my Facebook page).  This isn't a normal "Fashion" blog.  This is more so a random thoughts blog about life but don't get me wrong were definitely going to discuss fashion and thrifting.  I BREATHE FASHION so I have to cover it.  Plus, thrifting for me is therapeutic.  There's something about that adrenaline that you get when you find that perfect piece at that SUPER LOW price.  It's just heavenly.  Whenever I'm feeling down I go thrifting.  Just walking through the door changes my attitude and I usually always find a thing or two (wink, wink) which makes it that much better.

I was trying to remember how I initially got into thrifting.  I believe my mom took me to my first thrift store but in actuality I think it started way before that (the being thrifty part).  When I was younger we used to go to the Flea Market in the Poconos on the weekend.  That was the time of my life, there I stood in front of rows and rows of different and unique things.  Even if I didn't get anything it was just fun to go up and down the aisles to see what everybody had.  

Now that I'm older with a strong penchant for fashion, thrifting has come to mean so much more for me. I say this because I express myself through fashion and thrifting allows me the opportunity to do that without breaking the bank.  Not to mention all of the cool stuff I find in a thrift store that you just can't get retail.  Very rarely do I shop retail, If I do it's at Ross or some other discount store.  If by any chance I end up in a retail store I'm headed straight to the sale rack.  I had a boutique so I know these big chain stores get these clothes for pennies on a dollar and ridiculously mark them up. 

All I can say is that thrifting is my HAPPY PLACE!!!

Why did you start thrifting and what does it mean to you?